offers a complete Bingo gaming system for both big and small locations.  Alabama Virtual Bingo offers complete gaming systems with games and point of sale that can be quickly set up in a local area network or in the virtual system and be completely played from the internet

For any organization that wants to set up their own local area network and have their games on the installed on consoles, we offer a complete solution, with four different Bingo games, point of sale and an administrative system.

Virtual Bingo
Charities wanting to raise funds no longer need to look for a large bingo operator or purchase expensive equipment to conduct their own electronic bingo games. offers a virtual bingo solution that requires no setup, installation or expensive equipment.  Within minutes, any charity can be conducting its own fund raising bingo games.

Alabama Virtual Bingo offer four unique and exciting games that may be deployed on the web as virtual games or on computer consoles in a physical location. Games include a standard thirty ball bingo, Big Board Bingo, Spin up Bingo and Kingo. The console games may be deploys on a a computer with a touch screen monitor for player maximum enjoyment.

Each system comes with its own POS module.  The Pos allows for player set up with either account numbers/ cards or user name and passwords. The console POS includes reporting build and administrative reports. The virtual POS offer full player functionality and online reporting.

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